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it's 2022. and COVID-19 continues to Suck


I really enjoy reading all sorts of Harry Potter fanfictions:

I also enjoy: NCIS, Bones, Supernatural, Once upon a time, Hawaii Five-0, Haven, Twilight, Ouran, X-men, Kissing booth, Dark-hunter, Thor, Avengers, Captain America, Underworld, Transformers, Fast and the Furious, XXX, Pitch Black and the Chronicles of Riddick, Lucifer, Originals, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Wolf Lake and others.

Then there's the just Harry Potter fics: wrong BWL, Alternate dimension-where he died and his parents lived, time-travel, where Harry outsmarts everyone, Harry gets payback, powerful Harry, Harry in azkaban but innocent, Harry betrayed, Some Weasley/Dumbledore bashings, Harry is Master of Death, some Potter bashing, Harry is an Angel, Harry is a sparkling, Harry is an elfling, Harry goes to a different school, Harry gets expelled or exiled then they come and ask him to save them, Harryis a young sprite-pixie or vampire, Harry pushed too far, goblins like Harry and help him, Harry's had enough and Sues people, where Harry isn't a potter but was stolen and adopted or used as a fake BWL to protect the real BWL, where Harry has other family besides the Dursley's, Harry is kicked out of Gryffindor, etc ...

I have also become addicted to Vampire Diaries and the Originals. You may have noted by the sudden addition of a LOT of new Fem Harry Potter crossover fic challenges.

I can't seem to get enough of the fem Harry/Klaus fics nor the Fem Harry/Damon fics

I know I am late to the game but I stumbled across a 2 minute Stiles Stilinski humor clip on youtube and it kind of snowballed from there! I brought the entire series and I'm now also addicted to reading teen wolf fanfiction

recommendations welcome!

So if anyone has read or written any fics with the shows, movies or books above please let me know through PM


P.S Did you know Paul Wesley ( Stefan Salvatore from TVD) played a werewolf in a show called Wolf Lake?

I just stumbled across it on YOUTUBE... I really enjoyed watching it... I wish there were more seasons!

I have decided to attempt to create some challenges:

Teen Wolf - NEW

Fem Stiles / Derek Hale

- Fem Stiles and friend (up to you) are backpacking around the Europe

- Now mix in Stiles's unbelievable Curiosity and Luck

- Send in spy Derek Hale and have him try salvage the situation

So I'm thinking something along the lines of "the Spy who dumped me"

Teen Wolf

Fem Stiles / Derek Hale

I would love to read a fanfiction of the basic story of Wolf Lake but with the Teen wolf characters instead.

Harry Potter - WBWL

-Harry is neglected and pretty much ignored while his brother is adored

-Dumbledore the Order and Potters all agree to disown Harry so the BWL could be the heir

-Harry overheard and had an inheritance test claiming lines from lily and disowns her and his brother from the lines (she's not a muggleborn)

- Harry gets disowned

-Years later they discover the truth after Voldemort lets slip

What if: Harry being disowned by his parents cancelled the prophecy as he is no longer born to those who thrice defied him?

Harry Potter / Vampire Diaries: (1)

Fem Harry / Klaus

- Fem Harry is a Dire wolf animagus

- during the final battle she is bitten by a werewolf but her alpha dire wolf overrides the curse

- making her transition painless and giving the ability to change at will

- she wins but leaves before her condition becomes public knowledge

- she tracks a distant squib cousin on her fathers side to mystic falls

- this cousin happens to be Carol Lockwood

- due to her size Tyler treats her like a little sister

- The rest is up to you!!

Harry Potter/ TVD/ Originals: (2)

- Fem Harry /klaus

- Esther convinces multiple covens to assist her combining their magic to summon and enslave death

- The covens are encircling the restrained Mikaelson kids in the woods

- they chant and death appears but he isn't enslaved... He laughs

- a VERY ANGRY fem MOD Harry arrives

- Fem Harry and death are like siblings and she is very protective of her family

- The rest is up to you!!

Harry Potter / Vampire Diaries: (3)

- Fem Harry / Damon

- they are married. Damon returns to Mystic falls

- fem Harry arrives after completing her business in the magical world

- Damon never told his brother he was married

- they could have a child

- The rest is up to you!!


Warehouse 13 and Big Bang Theory crossover...

- The only requirement is that Sheldon becomes a warehouse agent.


*- NicholasFlamelFan is using 2 ideas keep an eye out for the fics in the future!!! -*

The 2 stories NicholasFlamelFan is working on are Ruby Red and Lady of Death. They are also on AO3... so please Check them out!

Hopefully someone decides to take on one of my challenges (somebody?...ANYBODY?...)

PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you do because I would love to read it!!!

*please let me know if you want to use any ideas from this page*

P.S - if you would like an old challenge I can PM it to you!!

Many Thanks to EVERYONE for visiting...I hope you come back soon!!!


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