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Name: Ronnel (I won't say anymore)

Sex: Male

Profession: Mechanical Engineer

Occupation: Project Engineer

- War is not a place for the weak. -

- "How do you wage war? By writing about it? If you don't want to kill for your country at least show that you are willing to die for it." - Reznov, COD: World At War"

- WE HAVE SURROUNDED YOUR CITY WITH STEEL! Abandon your HOMES, Abandon your POST, AND ABANDON ALL HOPE!!! URAH!!!!!! - Commissar of the 3rd Shock Army, COD: World At War

- A present to the Fuhrer's birthday! A barrage of Katyusha rockets that will tear his city APART! With your guns! With your knives! With your BARE HANDS! Upon their WRETCHED SOLDIERS!! -


- "We Come In Peace!" - Iron Sky Trailer 3

- "One Vision. One Purpose." "Peace through power!" - Brotherhood of Nod

- "Citizens of the world, we are pleased to announce that the Order of Nations is now restoring security and basic necessities on global scale." - Announcement of the Order of Nations to the world. (End of Nations)


United Terran Federation - the nation born from the ashes of the UNSC and UEG after the Human-Covenant War and during the reconstruction. It changes the government system from a colonial system into a federation. All developed planets such as the worlds of the Inner Colonies are given a status as a planet-state each headed by a governor and regulated by the Senate, both elected by the inhabitants of the planet. The planets that are less-developed such as the Outer Colonies are given a status as a colony administered by a colonial administrator aboard the colony ship who is authorized by the admiral of the colonial fleet or the captain of the colony ship to manage the colonization.

Sinag Enterprise - a company known for great advancements in technologies. It holds a great chunk of the power industry for its development of Plasma Reactor capable of delivering unlimited energy. The plasma reactor is an environmental friendly, self-sustaining and economical power source. The enterprise also enters in vehicle and weapons industries.

Helghan Empire

Order of Nations -

Earth Federation (post Tiberium Twilight) - the interstellar government based on Earth that administers and lead humanity on Earth and its colonies as it expanded into space. It is formed years after the Second Scrin Invasion and the Human-Forgotten Reconciliation to govern all of humanity, baseline humans and mutants, on Earth and unite with one another. It is later reformed as it expanded throughout the Sol system then to other star systems to better govern its new territories and give a fair representation to the government.

Galactic Defense Initiative - the military and exploratory arm of the Earth Federation. It's predecessors are the Global Defense Initiative (during the tiberium era) and the Earth Federation Defense Force (during the Sol expansion). It is seen to defend Earth and its colonies from foreign and internal threats especially after the wake of the Scrin invasions.

Looking for:

I'm looking for Drow tales - Space Age: Chapter 5 and beyond. I need materials for a crossover. And I need help from it.


Halo/ Oh! My Goddess - It's a very difficult cross since this will mix the hellish hardship of humanity in the Halo universe with the Heaven in the anime. If anyone can make a good crossover of them, I wonder what it will look like.

Planned Fiction:

- Halo/Code Geass (Alternate Universe)

- Tiberium Wars/Mass Effect (Same Universe)

- (Halo or Tiberium)/Valkyria Chronicles "Hope From Beyond"

- Asobi Ni Iku Yo! "23rd Century Earth"

- Fullmetal Alchemist/Familiar of Zero "Fullmetal Zero"

- Familiar of Zero (AU) "Honor and Liberty"

- Space Battleship Yamato 2199/Mass Effect (No title yet)

- "The Night Watches" RWBY/Night Land crossover. (01-22-2018)

- "The Stellar Engines" Mortal Engines/Mass Effect (01-22-2018)

Summary Plot lines:

"Fullmetal Zero" - It's been years since Father's defeat and the inauguration of Fuhrer Grumman. Edward had just returned after his travel to the West as his brother traveled to the East to complete their dream of an alchemy that can help everyone. He's home welcoming is cut short when he got summoned to be a young mage's familiar. He will now travel in a world that is governed by magic and nobility that defied everything he knew and learned.w

Published Fiction:

- Knight of the Covenant (AU RWBY with crossover elements) (Ongoing)

- The Nautica Mountain [Mortal Engines Quarter/Familiar of Zero] (working on re-write)

- A New Age [ME/Halo - Same Universe] (Replacement in progress)

- My New Life [Halo/Familiar of Zero] (Currently In haitus)

- Souls of War [KZ/ME - Same Universe] (Discontinued)

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