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Single parent to one budding teenage son. (Augh!) LOL

Fanfiction has rapidly become the equivalent of a sedative for my stress and nerves.

Though coming late to fanfic, I have throughly enjoyed the search and finding of truly excellent stories and their wonderful authors. While also continuing my search into Youtube for videos to continue my slight obsession... :)

I ship with many different fandoms. Just a few: Severus/Hermione, DG/Cain, Jareth/Sarah, Vincent/Catherine, Hannibal/Clarice, Artie/Claudia, Alice/Hatter(movie), Alice/Hatter(SyFy), River/Jayne, Jas. Hook/Wendy as adult, Sara/Nottingham (witchblade), Sheldon/Penny, Sirius/Hermione, Walter/Astrid(fringe), Jayne/Kaylee, Mal/Inara/River, Mick/Josef/Beth(moonlight), Severus/Luna.

Single Characters not mentioned above: Sirius/, Luna/, Lucius/, Glitch/, Azkadella/, Kaylee/, Warf/, Data/, Spock/, Walter(fringe)/, Albus/, Picard/, Eric/*(Phantom)

I continually think of different storylines I would love to see written out but never have the time or talent to do it myself. LOL! I should probably start making suggestions for different fandoms of story ideas or drabble starts...

Thanks to every author whose story has somehow captured my imagination, improved my mood, and taken me away to never never land if only for one night.

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