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Hi my names Olivia but my friends call me Liv.

I'm 34 years old and am an Australian. I have two adorable children and a great husband (most days :) )

I love to read but hate when my favorite books are turned to movies and they suck although they did make a good attempt in Harry Potter they still just couldnt pull it off to my satisfaction.

My favorite authors are Nalini Singh, Stephanie Myers, Laurell k Hamilton just to name a few. Lovin Vampire Accademy and cant wait till the movies are out.

I suffer heart break easily so i spend most of my time reading fan fiction sobbing my heart out my husband thinks im pathetic and addicted to Vampire Accademy, well his right but he can sod off!

I can't wait till Trueblood is back on god i love Sookie Stackhouse and have just finished Deadlocked which was good for all you Sookie fans, dont think eric ans sookie will be together for much longer so sad..

So I finaly attempted a story it is called Broken Angels check it out, constructive critisssum is always appriciated.

Due to such a great response to my first story, even though i had to deleate it and re update ( i had no idea what i was doing) i have also written another story it is called Unexpected Suprises it is in Dimitri's Pov.

Once again thank you for all who have read my stories and i hope i can continue to live up to your expectations

Favorite lead male characters

Eric Northman

Dimitri Belikov



Just to name a yummy few.

For those who love angels and vampires check out the Guild Hunter Series so freaking good

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