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Hello from England(UK)

my name Becky, age: ? ( girl never tell her age well her true age)

I am big and I mean HUGE BIG fan of SUPERMAN (Greatest superhero ever created, DC you rule) that why I call myself Supabec (not that i got big ego lol) If you ever need help with a story or idea look me up but I just like to read some great fan fiction and not much of a writer sorry and I say not much I mean not at all. I absolutely think crossover story are the best plus if superman involve in the crossover awesome.

My Favourite pairings are:-

Glee:- Finn and Rachel (Believe in what they had and was - never stop supporting Finchel keep Finn alive in your story). X-men:- Scott and Jean ( in every think but do have soft stop for scott and kitty). Justice league:- Superman and Wonder woman ( come on you got to admit it there hot together perfect fit in looks and powers, also who else can they get it on with full power hmmm but I do like random Superman pairing like Zantana or Black Canary) Thor:- Jane and Thor (but i do like Thor and Black Widow, and i can't believe Marvel comics making Thor a woman even i like girl power but not Thor i mean come on Marvel really!!!) , OK got a lot more pairings and lot more write but I bet you stop reading after my name (am I right)

OK you know something about me and BYE BYE...

Its a bird, Its a Plane, NO Its SuperBec ;-

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