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HELLO Fanfiction World and to those who actually read this and visited my page you are AWESOME!!!

Well first I am obviously obsessed with fanfiction I admit it, its a problem I have but I love it anyway I just love the way you can get lost in one of the little worlds we all love from screen and books or even several worlds if you add the amazing world of Crossovers I don't know how I lived without crossovers I mean really come on they are Amazing.

I love a story that comes along and just drags you in and Bam!! It captivates you.

so a little about me i am a female in her early 30's from the USA, a proud cat mom and Hufflepuff that's all i can think about to say right now ducks flying tomatoes HEY!HEY! I said a little.

i also really love to make Story covers, photo-manipulations, manips and banners so if you want while i still try to get up the nerve to publish something you can check out my deviantArt @ bookfreak25 same name as here on ffn and if you see something you like that's even better and i do take cover requests and the only thing i ever ask for is credit for the cover :)

Stay happy, Safe and Fabulous.

Thanks so much for stopping by my profile Bookfreak25

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