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Important: I’m about to discontinue a bunch of stories. Let me explain… They sucked. That’s about it as well as the fact that I don’t even like maximum ride anymore and that was the story of mine that had the most reviews. Some may be edited and continued but don’t count on it.


Falling Snow (I have had one very loyal reviewer on this and I am truly sorry about this one as it was my first story but the main character was a total Mary sue)

Red Dawn (no idea where to go with this…)

For these, any adopters would be quite welcome. Just PM me and tell me at least a little bit of where you might take the story.

Deleting but Saving, Editing and Maybe Reposting in Like a Year:

Everything else. Don’t steal my ideas while they’re gone people!!! Hell doesn’t have much hope so if a really good adopter were to come along I would be willing to turn over the rights to the story.

If anyone has any huge objections to this PM me or leave a review. I’ll keep this notice up on the stories for about a week before I delete them and post new ones (Stories not author’s notes)

Again, to anyone who cares, I’m sorry. But trust me, my new stories will be tons better…

Believe It!!!

'Lo! I just changed my penname (I used to be Anime-Lyric) so if you don’t recognize me that’s why. Not really sure what I’m supposed to say here but I’m just going to say a few things about me and hope that you care at all.

Name on site: Let’s just go with Ember for simplicity’s sake. Wouldn’t want to confuse anyone now would we…heh.

Origen of Penname: For anyone who has heard the song Breath (2am)…Well I love the song. The eMber part just sounded cool.

Age: Old enough to be here, Not old enough to be your grandma

Favorite Books/Movies/Animes: Too many to count. If you care just look at what I write.

I’m trying to keep my profile brief so you don’t have to scroll through a bunch of crap to get to the good stuff. Yeah…bye ^.^

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