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Hello, welcome to this largely uninhabited URL on FF.N known as "Two Stooges." My little brother and I once had this random idea to write a sarcastic parody of the Super Mario story template known as Toad's Day Out a few years ago, and published it here. It's doubtful that we'll write anything else (nothing worth publishing, anyway) but check back here every few years or so if you feel the need.

On a more personal level, I'm quite a video game fan - Super Mario, Pokémon and Golden Sun, especially. If you want to contact us for whatever reason, the best way would probably be through YouTube, (/user/2andaHalfStooges, I can't embed any hyperlinks here =/) since I spend too much time on the computer and have my email rigged so I get all messages more or less instantly.

Anyway, please read the single story we have right now, Toad's Day Out. If you already have, read it again. Reviews are nice, too.

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