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Howdy all

Chibi Babe here (translation little babe.) formley knowen as Chibi Doo (yes im a Scooby doo buff..though cartoons are one thing fan fic for its another...)

my great passions in life are art, film and literature. anything to escape reality really.

Major Sailor Moon Buff from way back but recently discovered the glorious works of Janet Evanovich...babes all the way! aswell as a Lois and Clark, the new adventrues of superman fan.

Ive created a few stories, some of which are up on this sister site, as well as poems. Here I've only done two sailor moon fics

Fallen Angel - When Usagi realises those closest to her no longer trust or have faith in her who will she turn to? where will she run?


West Side - usagi and Darien Audition for the same play...West Side Story. will sparks fly?or set pieces...being a lead in a play aswell as being super heros aint easy...poor guys

NEW!! Who Needs Sleep- was going to be a one shot...kida developed into more. WARNING possible character death! very trippy, angust but got soem love in there. M at the mo but may drop it down...depends if i ad a bit in...hmmmm

so...READ Janet Evanovich and

WATCH Sailor Moon and Lois and Clark.

so read and review! hits are nice but you dont get anywhere with them...i want to know what yal think..bearing in mind that everyones intitled to thier own POV...thou i dont mind flames...keeps me warm at night.


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