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WATS UUPPP!! :P My names Bernadette but most ppl just call me BB..I'm a total yaoi fan girl and proud of it...i like any type to ...i read it all the time cause i have a lot of time an my hands...'Im such a loser'..but i enjoy it any way..cause i get to read yaoi^^...other than that I hang out with my friends and party like no tomorow...I tend to like romantic things cause is so CHEESEY!! I like cheesey things cause i luv chesse(mostly white cheese)... My most favorite couple is naruxsasu..yes its narusasu cause i think sasuke sould be mean its in his name sasUKE!! but either way is fine with me... out of music i tend to like everything..lets just say im a person who luv's everything and anything... :3

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