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6/2011 I adore writing reviews, though some might not be helpful or encouraging. I enjoy reading Final Fantasy VII fics the most with Tifa as a main character. Canon couples bore me usually so it's rare I read something canon. You know, it has to be good, really good for me to want to read it. Cloud is growing on me...

7/2012 So I enjoy reading non Canon couples. For some time I totally crazy over Zutara and now I am a Korra fan I want to read her with anybody except Mako. Yes, even Tenzin because Tenzin is one hot old dude.

I will be in Paris for awhile before I get back to Saudi.

Listen guys, on another note, believe in God ok? Only Him. And be happy.

10/2012 Back to France again! Oh Riyadh, how I miss you. I shall content myself with some good ol' Zutara and maybe some OrihimexAny guy

11/2012 Okay, so I haven't gotten over my obsession with Bleach fics but I have delved VERY slightly into Twilight (although I can't stand it) and a little more happily into Tiger & Bunny. Au revoir France, and like, a totally big wave to England.

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