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Hay Lin
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Dear everyone,

I've been on hiatus because of very important exams and general travelling and now I will continue where I left off...I'm infinitely sorry to those who waited for my updates and hope to make it up to you as best I can with a few well-tried fics and the continuation of 'An Angel at Hogwarts'. As you will see the progression of my writing skills (if you can call them that) in these stories are quite clearly seen. Some of them may seem very OCC and far-fetched but I'm sure you'll understand because this is fanfiction.net=) I am going to try and write a few more short fics, focussing more on the well-written side of the story more than a complex plot. I hope you enjoy these.

Thanks for the reviews, they're really appreciated.

Haylin xxx

SHIPS: H/D mostly, some short fics with other characters (e.g Ginny) also Hr/R is very cute!

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