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I'm retired from the medical field and write to amuse myself.

19 January 2013:
If you like what you read of mine, that's great. If you don't, I'd like to know, and know what it is you don't care for. Say something in the review section and please, have your account settings to accept PMs, I will reply to you. I'm not the best correspondent, so it may take a bit.

Mister Weasley hasn't been abandoned, there are several directions in which I may proceed and my muse, if I may be so bold, hasn't suggested which one. I'm mucking about with it and haven't written anything I'm pleased enough with to post. My apologies to those of you who've been generous enough to follow it, I will get back with it and hopefully do so sometime soon.

Plot Bunnies: I posted this today, it's where stuff that pops into my head and won't leave me alone goes. Most of the entries will range from very short to short, if any of you decide that you can use them as a base for a story, feel free, just drop me a line if you would, I'd like to know.

24 July 2013:

Harry and the Girls went up today; it's a Harry/multi story that is in-progress. What's posted here conforms to FFN's current standards; when completed the un-cut version will be available elsewhere, I'll post a URL to that here. Currently at six chapters un-cut. Mister Weasley is being re-outlined and is fighting back; I'm assaulting a fixed position with massive defences, it seems. Again, apologies to those of you who've followed it.

16 September 2020:

A few folks have asked about my logotype/photo/whatever. It's the flash of HM Special Air Services, with their motto in Latin: "Who Dares, Wins." It was made with downloaded artwork and CorelDraw, then converted to JPEG format. I'm still tinkering with stuff, and not pleased with the results. The Muses moved to the Carrbibean because they decided they prefer rhum to retsina. Bhog help us if they ever hear of Bourbon.

Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy my scribblings — LWJ2

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