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I have been hesitant to write a profile because I simply do not know what to write. But a nameless friend really thinks I need this, so she offered to ghost write it for me. It really is sad that someone who loves to write can't really manufacture her own profile, but that's me...

Cokie's Profile by Ghost (with a few of my own comments added).

"Hi, I'm Cokie. I'm a really nice lady who likes to do mean things to Steve.

How mean you ask?

I can answer you in one word... rebar. That's right, folks. REBAR. (Now, don't go looking for that story just yet because it is still being written).

So, don't mess with me, people. I'm a bada$$. (Really, isn't that a little harsh?)

Also, I don't like it when people misspell "Hesse" or forget to use periods when they write "a.m." and p.m." They're abbreviations, people. Learn some grammar. And how to spell while you're at it.*

That's about it. And I really am nice. I swear.

Oh! As an addendum, Ghost said to add in how much I like to oogle pictures of Alex and blame it on *her*. Or I blame it on *research*. I will do anything in the name of research.

The asterisked comments above were aimed directly at sockie1000, who, at times, makes me bang my head against my desk. Repeatedly."

OK, does anyone else think sockie1000 might have some issues with her beta writer? Just asking.

Seriously, I have been writing for probably more years than some of you have been alive, but haven't written anything for public perusal since the last decade. Swore I would never do it again. But Hawaii 5-0 grabbed me and won't let go. And I am very, very glad. Not only have I found wonderful fanfic out there, I've met some great, new friends. So, thanks for letting me play in this sandbox.

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