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Hey (: As you know (probably), I'm addicted to a lot of manga and anime. ^^"

I love reading fanfiction, so keep up the great work if you're an author! The stories are great! ]

ABOUT ME: I'm clumsy. Really. I bump into things a lot (possibly killing a lot of brain cells) and I trip over flat sidewalks. I change subjects abruptly (but return to them... think of it as multiple subjects at once, kind-of).

My friends think I'm a LITTLE crazy sometimes, but that's just my hyperness (sorry, it's not a word... but you get what I mean XD). They just do, for whatever-the-reason (I'm feeling lazy today, not going to bother enumerating them XD). But don't worry -- I'm not an actual lunatic.

I don't even know why I'm saying this. I'm pretty random at times..

I don't know what else to say about myself. Ha. I'm probably just being lazy again. -_-

Either way, I'll probably update this later. :3

-Whispers a.k.a. fanfiction addict xD

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