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Hey, I'm WolfishMoon! I enjoy a variety of hobbies, not the least of which being writing.

I'm currently in college, studying Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse. Obviously, school takes center stage for me and my work study takes up a lot of my time. I was also just accepted into a library science graduate program, so... who knows what kind of writer I'll be then.

Right now I'm focusing on my Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist crossover, The Scientist's Lament. My goal here is to complete the story in an un-rushed and satisfying way by August 2021, when I'll be moving into my grad school apartment. I started TSL my Freshman year of undergrad, so I kind of want this fic to encapsulate my undergrad experience. I'll start another ridiculously long project to work on during my masters lmao.

I also write a few oneshots a year, and for the last few years I've been really grooving on writing Gokusen (manga!verse) ficlets.

I drew my profile picture when I was all of fourteen, but I still can't draw wolves, so I'm not gonna fix what ain't broke.

Anyway, go read. I hope you enjoy! And please give me constructive reviews. I want to improve, so tear me apart people!

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