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For those who venture onto this page, welcome. Seeing that you are here, you'd probably wish to know a little about this author that writes so haphazardly...

Well, I can tell you a few things, but nothing too personal.

One, I am interested in a variety of fandoms: Video games (most current obsession: The Wolf Among Us), American TV shows (I'm limited as to watch I can watch...legally speaking), BBC shows, and dare I say it: Anime.

Two, I am generally willing to give conversation to anyone who wishes to talk. Though I do have social anxiety to a degree, if you don't get a response (that's probably why)

Three, my more current works have been influenced by my life and activities around me. It's a little hard not to considering I live in a very saturated environment where opinions are shot off at a constant basis.

Four, I am not finished with my education, but I'm coming very close to doing so. So bear in mind, I will not always be on, nor will I update on a consistent basis. Fanfiction is purely leisure, and nothing more. That being said, those who enjoy my stories and let me know, I will gladly continue on and fight for a finish (though my mind likes to believe otherwise)

You are welcome to check out my Tumblr page, AlpineDreamer20 if you feel so inclined. Same ground facts apply there as well.

If you feel the need to chat, feel free to send a message, but please, if you spam me, I will maim you.

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