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So I'm female.

I'm 22. Yay for oldladies.

And I'm a big fan of romance. I'm just a sucker for a good romance story.

And I'm currently Obsessing over Storm Hawks. Thank god for season two. Sadly I live in the USA and its not airing for me. So Youtube is my best bud. Really, I'm starting to think Canada might be where its at.

Oh and that picture. Yeah its me. Whatever. I have no fear of being made fun of.

Lets see, a few things about me.

I'm a chef (thats my job and hobby), i love to cook. I love tea. I like video games. TV...my friends, reading. um...any form of technology. I'm playing with it, i'm building it. I'm reprogramming it. Which doesn't always go well. Just because i can doesn't always mean it turns out right.

But outside of that all. Music is my life, it drives me, and it soothes me. I like so many different types of music. I am a concert fiend. I've gotten my share of bumps and scrapes from mosh pits. I may like to go to concerts and have fun. But I'm not the party girl or the drinker...or the slutty girl. Never was that type, and i never will be. Mind you, I'm there for the band and music. Those other...drunk...high, or normal people aren't my type. People would say I'm a boring girl. I'm OK with that.

OMG season two has such fan service! It makes me so happy. Lots of crazy stork, and Aerrow and Piper stuff. Episode 34, my god the stares and the hugs.

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