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Okay kids- whoever's still out there. I am still writing...kind of. To be perfectly honest, I've kind of lost my passion for the fandom. Not to say I don't still escape to Russia in my head to think about smexy boys in the snow but... I dunno. I dunno. I am writing though. Slowly. I'm also working a lot more, doing a lot more, and no longer live on my own so finding free time to be by myself and some twizzlers is hard. But I will and *am* trying to get an update out soon. I love you guys- stay with me.

ALSO, I just started taking this new medication that's making me weird as fuck these days so yah, that might affect quality too. Peace. Love. Word bombs.

Hi, I'm wordbombs.

I'm a college student.

I write instead of studying.

I'm new and old to fanfiction.

I haven't done this since i was like, 12.

But hey, we all have our vices and this is mine.

I write and read Death Note fanfics, but I'm also addicted to a few DBZ stories.

My whole philosophy is about bringing realism to fandoms and exploring characters in more depth than the series allowed.

My Death Note preferences:

I'm a total fangirl for L/Light. I think the two of them are beautifully matched, and also gay. I mean, come on. Look at the way Light dresses. :)

I'm also not crazy about them becoming deus ex machinas of giant intellect. Like, yes, they're smart. But that doesn't mean they can pull knowledge out of their ass, or learn French in a day. I've rolled with people in that IQ range before, and let me tell you- they're not that impressive. Like yeah, I give them their due cred but it really annoys me when I read, 'and then Light learned his 7th language and L learned his 12th and blah blah' NO. Just...no.

Also Mello is my main man. Like, you do not want to fuck with my Mello, because he's got his shit on lock. Leather and chocolate? Yes, please.

My Stories:

A Tale of Two Death Notes- Light Yagami is a top physicist, working for the Japanese police to unravel the mystery of a mysterious killing notebook that seems to defy all logic. L is a top detective, put on the same case by worried international forces. As the Death Note brings them together, they strive to unravel the DN's origins while slowly unraveling themselves. Can they solve the case? Can they solve each other? AU

For those reading TTDN- Ch.8 will be started once everything else has been updated and not a moment before. I'm making you kids suffer this time. 3/1/11

Good Cop/ Bad Cop- Light Yagami is a member of Kira, Japan's most prestigious secret society. As he works from within the Public Security Intelligence Agency, he leaves behind a trail of corruption and misdeeds, all done in the name of Kira's will. L is the world's foremost detective, used to bringing corrupt cops down. Will L be able to save Light from himself? Or will he be dragged in by the dark side of Japan's finest? Is Kira wrong? Is Light? AU

Ch. 5 (6 on the FFN count) will be started this week. I am unsure of a projected completion time, but I know exactly what's going to happen. 3/13/11

Change of Circumstances-L's point of view on Light being a Wammy. Shameless fluff, happiness and lemonish goodness. I call it a lemon meringue.

1/31/11- It's up!!!!! And thank you to all who favorited/reviewed it!

Circumstances Change- Sequel to Change of Circumstances, from Light's point of view. Not as fluffy as it starts out with um, well, death. Orphan, remember? Still, lemon fluff.

It'll be up when I get around to finishing it.

From Russia With Love- Light is an up and coming rap star. L is an up and gunning mafia star. What happens when their worlds collide? Drama, Man sex, Guns, Cars, Leather, Vodka. Finely crushed cocaine.

Ch. 5 is up and if you want the inspiration behind this fic listen to anything Childish Gambino, Black Violin, or Lil Wayne AKA Wheezy. Yah, bet you didn't know wordbombs was down with that hip hop. Bitch, check the name. Word. Bombs. I'm obviously street. DEUCES.

To Russia I Come- Absolutely worthless PWP FRWL side story in warehouse stairways using only spit and a dream as lube. Who's the couple? Guess.

As The World Falls Down- Light gave up Kira the moment L fell. But what will L give up for Light?AU. Slice of Life. Boy love. Absolutely no plot. Cute 6 year olds.

Rage!!!!!!- Such a working title. My ode to Kira. What I write when I'm really pissed off.

With Good Cheer- Light is the high school cheerleading captain. L is a horny teacher. They have sex. PWP!

There's a Stranger in My Shower- Working title, One Shot, Light finds himself haunted in his new home with L. But who by? Is it just the memories of the Kira case or something more?

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