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I'm not sure what to tell you guys about me but I definitely enjoy reading many of your brilliant stories :)

So.. I'm obsessed with Bones and Castle

I've written some fanfictions but I haven't 'published' them yet. But I promise that I'll post some of them when our summer holidays start :D (They're about Bones & Castle of course^^)

My dog Dante alos means so very very much to me: he's a Parson Russel Terrier and the cutest animal ever^^

Favourite tv shows: Castle, Bones, Dr. House

Favourite movies: Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribean, Lord of the Rings

Favourite books: Naked Heat, Heat Wave, Harry Potter

Favourite quotes:

Martha: "This is a potential goldmine! If it's a hit who knows how long it could run and I could take it on the road..."

Alexis: "You mean you would leave us??!"

Martha: "Well, only for nine months of the year. Oh, don't look so sad! And you don't look so happy!" (Castle season 2 episode 3)

weird guy: "..and now you're telling me that he was kille here, in my apartment?!"

Rick: "Not him, his wife!"

weird guy: "His wife?? What kind of a family was this??"

Rick: "Alright, so you and I are married.."

Kate: "We're not married!"

Rick: "Relax, just pretend."

Kate: "I don't want to pretend!

Rick: "Scared you'd like it?"

Kate: "Okay, if we are married I want a divorce!"

weird guy: "Are you two like this all the time??"

Rick+Kate: "YES!!" (Castle season 1 episode 5)

Rick: "He's like the male of you. Ying needs Yang, not another Ying. Ying Yang is harmony. Ying Ying is... a name for an Panda!" (Castle season 1 episode 9)

Kate: "Well, we were just doing our job...actually I was doing my job, I don't know what the hell he was doing!"

Rick: "Heyyy... but that's true!" (Castle season 3 episode 17)

Rick: "ah, maybe we should sleep on it.."

Kate: *side glance*

Rick: "Seperately! Katherine Beckett, I never..." (Castle season 3 episode 18)

Rick: "Three armed cops and a writer makes four, you're under arrest, so get on the floor!" (Castle season 3 episode 14)

Booth: "I'm just donating, ok?"

Cam: "So you decided?"

Booth: "No, no! I am deciding, I-N-G ing!"

Cam: "I know you, Seeley. You gonna do it. You wanna do it, without really doing it but it's still doing it even if you're not doing it the way it should be done! (Bones season 4 episode 25)

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