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I came across FanFiction's website sometime early last year thru a search on Google while looking for something else. I am not an author, just a very avid reader since I stumbled across this site. I created the profile so I can review and follow on my favorite stories and authors.

I mainly read the Twilight stories as a way to force me to not read the original series from SM yet again. I found out about The Twilight Saga being a book series AFTER New Moon was in the theater. Read all 4 books and immediately became hooked. I'm in my 30's and I jokingly say to some of my friends that SM must have signed a deal with fire man downstairs. I have never gotten "hooked" on a book or series before, but Twilight has reeled me in. I have yet to figure out why. :)


If I have a story/author on my favorite list, then I like it. Period. However, there are a few gems that I just have to recommend. :)

No Choice = by glasscannon.lj
New Moon AU. During Bella's run in with Laurent, what if the wolves had shown up just a few minutes later? Those minutes change Bella's life forever, and she must learn to deal with the consequences. Nominated for two Twific Indie Awards.
*By far this is my favorite story on FanFiction.*
*On temporary hiatus... with just one maybe two chapters left...*

Giving Way To Dusk = by HelenahJay
In Volterra, Alice doesn't catch up to Bella and Edward in time, and they face the Volturi alone. Edward makes a trade for Bella's life, with devastating consequences. Canon AU.
*Now Complete* Easily my second favorite story on FanFiction.*

Moonless Night = by Sunray16
Eternal Equinox = by Sunray16
Beyond Dusk = by Sunray16
*This author has written New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn (currently in progress) all from Edward's POV. Sunray16 is amazing. She has a knack for Edward's mind unlike any other author I've come across in FanFiction. If you liked that tease of a story Stephenie Meyer did of Midnight Sun, then you'll love all three of these stories. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

The Bella Swan Scholarship Fund = by eiluned price
Bella's discovery of an unwanted gift provokes an unintended reaction. AU.
*I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just adore New Moon AU's. This author, however, veered off from canon outside of the norm. Instead of with Laurent in the meadow, she detoured with one of Meyer's outtakes. A must read.*

Seeing Bella = by sherryola
Alice has a vision of a girl with no vision. She will either save Edward from his life of lonely brooding, or she will destroy him with his destruction of her. Can Bella discover the Cullen family secret if she can't see? Canon vamps and couples.
*Author of this story is blind. She writes this story having a twist of her own life involved in the sense of helping us understand the life she lives. I have learned a lot regarding blindness and the things that are available to her by reading her story. I came across another story in which Bella was blind and after the first chapter, I had to stop reading it. There was no comparison. This story may be Twilight re-written, but sherryola has definitely made this story her own. I love it.*

Once Bitten = by TwiLoverSue
Edward finally meets the love of his existence but can't resist his singer's blood. Can their fairytale love survive a horror beginning or will Bella's newborn grief, an outraged wolf pack, and offended Volturi deny them their happily ever after?
*Now Complete.* Yes, first two chapters may start off as a re-write of canon, but trust me...get thru it and read ALL of chapter three. Author hits you with a cliffy and runs with it and you won't be disapointed. TLS has a little bit of everything in it and she's phenomenal in capturing the essence of Edward & Bella's love.*

That Pain to Miss = by HelenahJay
Carlisle told Edward it was his decision to try and extract the venom from Bella's wrist in the ballet studio. Edward decided not to. E/B, Post-Twilight AU, canon couples.
*Another AU off of New Moon albeit a little earlier off of canon.*

Every time I look at this list I think of another that I just want to list cause there are tons worth mentioning. However, we'll be here all day if I keep it up. Enjoy!

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