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my name is vickie im 41i live in McMinnville Oregon and i get diabetes type 2 and im learning disabled at does not stop me one beit and i like makeing friend's a lot and i like to go to and yahoo and facebook a lot and my famliy is from demark waht part i dont kown i forget my grandmp say it one whre we come and at scuks big time and i like to go to youtube two if your looking for me here my youtube name is tigardgirl2007 so look for me here all and i like going to cellufun to and my name from here oregongirl26 and i love rending twilight fanficton a lot and i like makeing friends two and i like to go to www.twi to rend twilight stoires here two if you are look for on here my twiwrite name is vickiecullen30 its fun to be on here big time and i like to go to if you on here look me up and add me on your frirends list two if have at on here

my Music i like glorla estefan,billy joel,michael bolton,tina turner soundtrack's,smash mouth,rap,the fray, heres more put im not going to make you look at this list

Movies i like x-man1,2,3,iunyasha moive's,the first wives club,man in black 1 and 2 and 3,toy story 1 and 2,and 3 wild wild west,holes,waht women want,scary movie 1,2,3,4,scooby-doo1,2,austin powers1,2,3,legally blonde1,2 twilight movies, Mamma Mia,Bride War, Grown Ups, Hancock,and more

Television i like charmed/vh1/futrama/the simpson/family guy/inuyasha/montel willams/oprah winfrey/animal planet/the view/maury/live with regis and kelly/the nanny/will and grace/how i met your mother/ two and half man/south park/scrubs/star trek voyager/code geass/bleach/death note/andrew zimmern/20/20/fullmetal alchemist/eureka seven/moribito guardian of the spirit/blood /rosarlovampire/cold case/drawn together/ Good Luck Charlie/Big Bang Theory/the neighbors/

i like rending x-man/baby blues /people/charmed/neo/entertainment weekly/twilight saga books/rosaiovampire

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calling all twilight/fanfiction renders I want on Yahoo check my emails I got this little email and it said this Sorry, not a chapter!Alright, I know a lot of you are waiting for a new chapter and I'm currently working on it. In fact, I'm still working out future story-arcs and what directions I'm going in. But this isn't about that. This is much more some of you already know, Net Neutrality is under attack. What is "Net Neutrality"? Well, it's a system that protects the Internet, so we can surf the ...web and see as many websites as we want, without restriction or slow connection speed. It also keeps big corporations from taking control and putting prices on everything.Imagine if HBO decided to charge you extra by separating... say, Game of Thrones and True Blood. Say instead of being available in the same place, HBO separates the two into different sections and makes you pay extra to see one or both. Despite you're already paying $16.00 dollars a month for subscription. Well, thank goodness they aren't doing that. But it can happen to the Internet though.The FCC wants to destroy Net Neutrality and wants separate things like Youtube, Facebook and so many other websites by placing them into sections that cost money. Meaning that instead of being free to search any website by having Internet connection (which we are already paying for), you would need to pay extra just to get to these websites. And that's not talking about the slow speed and extra prices these companies will have control over.Also, they can view anything to look at without restriction.And they are going to make a vote on December 14th of this can we stop this?Well, there is a link that can help: (there are going to be spaces, because this website likes to erase them, for some reason) w w w . battleforthenet . com If you go there, you can fill out the requirements on the top righthand page and send a message to Congress. You will also be given the choice to call come Representatives and talk to them if you want to. Or it might just have you call.For a better way to get to it if my link doesn't work, go to YouTube and search for AngryJoe, who has a video called "Net Neutrality & What Happens If We Lose". On the bottom of his video, there is a link that actually works If you guys want, please help fight against the FCC and keep Net Neutrality going. And spread the word as fast as you can. Please!

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