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Hi there writers and readers this the commenter formly name Jflower now it has become JazzQueen and I am ready to get my start as a writer.I hope this will encourage my skills as a writer,a storyteller,and creativity.I am a person of Christian upbringing who has very conservative priniciples,values,and views.Don't let that turn you off for I am not one of those Bible thumpers or those who are angry all the time.I happen to also be a bit of a sarcastic,dead pan snarker who loves the cynical side of life but underneath it all believes that there is evil in the world and that we all are fallen but can be saved by Christ himself.I am also a lover of action cartoons and action anime and it has been like that since i was four.I have a wide interest in things like Greek Mythology,African American culture(I'm Black),African culture,Japnese culture,christian based books,and tv tropes.

Most of all I am a person who has been interested in writing and wants to do it for fun and this place could help and guide me.

Favorite Cartoons:Symbionic Titan,Generator Rex,Zevo-3,X-men evolution,Batman tas, static shock,Transformers(I have the most memories of Transformers Armada),Powerpuff girls,Duck tales,Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers,Aladdin the animated series,Avatar the last airbender,rugrats,Hey arnold,Doug,Wild Thornberrys,Fairly Odd parents,Rocket Power,Arthur,Zoids,Simpsons,King of the Hill,Proud Family,Darkwing Duck,and W.i.t.c.h.

Least Liked Cartoons:Captain Planet( Used to like it until i saw it for the preachiness and poor writing it had),Family Guy(heh,I hate it on so many grounds),and Drawn Together(for the same reasons as family guy)

Most liked anime:One piece,Dragon Ball Z,Darkstalkers(it is in the anime section),Sailor Moon,Tokyo Mew Mew,Pretty Cure,Ouran Host Club,and Pokemon( I remember when I was just in elementary shool when it first came out)

Least Liked anime:Naruto(I used to be so into it when it first came out on Toonami but since Itachi was killed I gave up on it and moved my interst to One piece which became my most loved anime)

Most Liked Books:A series of Unfortunate Events(all),Chronicles of Narnia(all),Jurassic Park and the Lost World

Least Liked Books:Richard Dawkins' writings, Sam Harris writings,of Mice and Men,and Old and the Sea

Political Interests: Social Conservative.

Favorite Games:I have been a fan of the pokemon games since I got Pokemon Gold for my 9th birthday.

Favorite live action shows:Fresh Prince,Everybody Hates Chris,Full House,George Lopez Show,and shows on the food network.

Favorite foods:Chocolate,macoroni & cheese(It has to be my dad's style or Kraft's),PB&J, and pears

Favorite movies: I got to say that I am a disney maniac any of the company's movies except Chicken Little has been greatly admired by me

Beaserk Button:I hate people who do obnoxious things just tick me off,people blasemphy the bible,people who do stuff or joke about things that just cross the line,and shows who over and over again like to defame Christianity as a whole

Music:I am a fan of 80's and 90's music and people look at me strange for it.I am also a big fan of R&B and soul music

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