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Hi there!

I'm not an author - or, at least, not anymore. I used to write fanfictions years ago but, even if I wanted to upload them here, they should be a bit... rivisited before doing so, since they all are written in Italian! That's it, I'm a 20-year-old Italian girl who just happens to LOVE English language and culture, as well as foreign languages in general. I'm currently studying to become a translator, indeed! :)

I love reading, of course, but my true love is drawing. I can't live without a pencil and a sheet of paper! I'm also really fond of comics, cartoons, manga and everything "visual"... and sometimes the fangirl inside me pushes for more fanservice! :D I belong in several fandoms (um... is that a good thing? xD) such as Avatar - The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Kim Possible, The Fairly Odd Parents, Naruto, Ranma 1/2 and all the other Rumiko Takahashi's works...Gosh, they're so many! :'D

...But that's exactly the reason why I decided to sign here, to enjoy the wonderful stories I happened to bump into in the last months and that I will undoubtely find in the near future!

Hey, it's also a good trick to refine my English, you know! :'D

Who knows, maybe someday I'll translate my old stories and upload them here, just to test my level of knowledge of English :)

In case you're wondering (just in case!) where to find my artworks and more info about myself and what I like, here's the link to my DeviantArt page: http:///

Now, back to reading! :)

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