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Hey Gaiis! Girly Tomboy here! I hope you enjoy and read the stories I have to offer to your heart's content. I'm always looking for constructive criticism so feel free to comment on my works! I do have a Tumblr so feel free to check that out as well, though I can't promise anything that might fulfill your needs :/

I also do take prompt requests or head canons, or really anything, so you can PM me and I'll try my best :D

Gender: Female

Birthday: November 25

Currently, I'm obsessed with OkiKagu, so forgive me if I pump out only OkiKagu content for the moment OTL

OkiKagu (Gintama)

Puberty Sometimes is Quite Scary [Spanish Translation] by LalaGmz

Rivals Are Always Such a Pain [Vietnamese Translation] by Sapphire9120 via akatsus4

In-Progress/Planning Stage:

OkiKagu (Gintama)

Enchanted Wonders

Seo's One-Sided Adventure

Always Wish for More Wishes

Tumblr: poke-a-loid

ArchiveOfOurOwn (AO3): GirlyTomboy

As a side note, the next update for any in-progress works will most likely be posted the following week, unless I'm too busy and I say otherwise.

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