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The Nanny, American Horror Story and Dexter omg I am a huge fan of all those show. My biggest girl crush is Lily Rabe omg I love her, and I would love to thank AHS for introducing her she is amazing. Also Lauren Lane

American Horror Story: Asylum is dark and mysterious, and that's why I'm so attracted to it. And being me, I end up falling in love with forbidden love, and to the weirdest couple, Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden (they are so In my thoughts right now.)

Favorite TV couples-Niles and C.C(Ciles) Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arthur Arden(Marthur) From the Nanny and American Horror Story: Asylum

Favorite Color: Red (duh)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Brunette ( silver colored hair now)

Favorite Thing To Do: Read Fanfiction (Otherwise i wouldn't be here)

Favorite Man: BRUCE WILLIS!!!! (Okay, i'm guilty, i Included this cuz i love him)

Age: 24 joined Fanfiction at age 13

I lost interest in writing fanfiction, and somehow my love for it has come back. And I am back to finish what I've started. So many of the stories I've written and posted are still stuck in my head, I know the only way for me to get rid of them is if I finish them. So here I am, years later, still living the characters I have written about. Moving back instead of forward, lol Oh well.

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