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Ah, I needed to update this part of my account...

Anyhow! "Moongirl12121" now has her own account, and took the stories she was still working on with her, and just left one. I forgot her username, but I'm pretty sure it's the same...

Ah-hem! You can skip this part if you want, this is just on how I eventually came back to write again. Of course, I had, well, only one story (sad, right?!). I was called "Dimential Twist" that I did when I was younger, an Inuyasha fanfic, had a lot of OOC. Lost interest in it, then stopped writing after doing only three chapters. MG12121 took over it, and did other stories. After she made her own account, well, everything went with her, except a completed story and my story. After a... year, I think, I took off my story. I became obsessed with Hetalia! So I replaced with my 6th grade story "Dimential Twist" with "Backwood Romance"! I've been finding again why I enjoyed writing this stuff, as well as hated it because it felt like a job (LOL). I'm sure I'll get better, just outta practice right now!

I hope you guys find my stories and like them! Reviews are greatly appreciated! And I'm sure my stories will never have a pattern on topic (At least I don't thinnk so, lol)! Suggestions are great, and just so ya know, I jack off sometimes, I'm a busy person even though I don't always want to work! Hahahaha, hope you enjoy my stories! Good day/night/whatever!

"That bitch went under the bed and I had to hit her with a hanger a couple of times to get her out." TOTAL WIN MAN! XD (funnier if you imagine a romanian accent!)


Friend: Why are you trolling on your own profile?


Friend: Geez, with how you act, I can't belive you only get one or two B's on your report card... All the rest A's!

Me: I'll tell you the secret, I have no idea. Except that I always do my homework...

Friend: Did you have caffine? Or take a nap?

Me: YEP!

Friend: *sighs* This is gonna be a long night...


Friend: W-what?! NO! Your bed's too tall!

Me: XD

Friend: ". I gonna go get some pizza...


Friend: Sure, no Dr. Pepper.

Me: Alright...

(I even feel sorry for that friend, because I can get hyper from simply eating food!) (I may put up some more stuff, but I dunno...)

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