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My name is Adam Szmatula,I am 38 years old I was born 1/11/82 I am male and i am polish and proud of it

My favorite tv shows are Buffy the Vampire slayer ,Angel,Charmed,Smallville ,Merlin,NCIS,Birds of Prey, V (the new one),StargateSG1 and Atlantis, Heroes,Walker Texas Ranger,Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,Power Rangers,once upon a time and Doctor who.

My favorite cartoons are He-man and She-Ra,Ninja Turtles,Gi-Joe and Transformers.

My favorite movies are masters of the universe,all the ninja turtles movies,the transformers movies,all of the star trek and star wars,and The superman and batman movies,Kickass,and the chronicles of Narnia,Terminator 1,2 and 3 but not salvation i think salvation just sucked,also i love spoof movies like Date movie,dance flick,not another teen movie,epic movie,meet the spartans,superhero Movie,Disaster Movie,Stan Helsing,MacGruber and Vampires suck

My least favorite tv show is Supernatural,what can i say i just don't like the show it just seems boring.

my least favorite movies are Twilght and all Harry potter movies and Terminator Salvation

Music-I don't like rap or country but everthing else is good.

My Favorite Power Rangers-Original,Kat,Tanya,Trey,Justin,Turbo Rangers gen 2,Space rangers,Galaxy rangers,Wild Force,Dino Thunder,Mystic Force, Jungle Fury.

My Least favorite Power Rangers-Adam,Rocky,Aisha(I just didn't like them)Lightspeed rescue,Time Force,Ninja storm,SPD,Operation Overdrive and RPM because i thought they had no personality,

My Favorite Power Rangers Villians -MMPR,Gasket and Wife,PortoGeneral Havok,Ecliptor,Astronema,Galaxy,Duabolico,Loki,Vypra,Ransik,Nadira, Toxica,Jindrax,Elsa,Zeltrax,PRMF,Thrax,Tenaya 7/15.

My Least favorite PR Villians-Zeo(under Mondo)all of Diva crew Except for above mentioned,Dark specter,darkonda,Bansherra,Olympius,Master Org, PRNS,Mesogog,SPD,PROO,PRRPM

My favorite ranger allies-Zordon,Alpha 56,Dulcea,Ninjor,Quagmire,Phantom Ranger,Auric,Blue Senturian,Magna defendor,Udonna,Niella,Claire, Leelee,Phinias

my favorite doctor in doctor who-9/10

my favorite companion-rose,sara jane,mickey,jack and donna.

my least fav companion-martha i just thought she was trying to get the doctor to forget his true love rose

These ranger pics were not created by me they were created by Dark Pink Pteradactly for my story http:///albums/aa472/megagalvatron12/?action=viewt=sabrinapic2.png



Sabrina gained control of the dragonzord in battlemode when rita began a cloning project of the zords 2 days before zedd arrived and ruined everything for her http:///datafiles/season1/megazord007.jpg Andros commands the Silver Titanus Zord http:///datafiles/season1/megazord010.jpg Karone commands the aqua Tor zord http:///wiki/tor.jpg

sabrina also commands the cougar dragonzord which is an altered megadragon tigerzord. http:///albums/aa472/megagalvatron12/?action=viewt=cougardragonzord.png

in honor of Michelle the Editor who walked me through how to create a photobucket album i have created bios for 3 of her rangers you will notice that there are 2 for sabrina because in her story sabrina was the green galaxy ranger and then became the new pink zeo ranger and dave truehart is the new red zeo ranger

http:///albums/aa472/megagalvatron12/?action=viewt=sabrinapinkplayedbySabrinaLu.png http:///albums/aa472/megagalvatron12/?action=viewt=davidtruehartredzeoplayedbythelateEricFrank.png


the purple galaxy ranger and her zord are mine. http:///albums/aa472/megagalvatron12/?action=viewt=miapurplegalaxyranger.png Mia in my story is andros andd Karone's mom who knew sabrina before her scorpina days next i will work on mia's zord the purple panther zord (Tigerzord recolored)


a few years ago i read a pr story on line from the dark galaxy but the bio page is no longer there so what i remember from memory i created this



the psycho team 1's base was the dark fortress which also was their megazord

http:///albums/aa472/megagalvatron12/?action=viewt=psychoteam2.png and these are the mera psycho zords


and these are the bios for the foes http:///albums/aa472/megagalvatron12/?action=viewt=psychoteam1villians.png


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