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K well my name is udon'tneed2know

I am the age between 1 and 195 (Hint I'm 195 "wink wink"don't tell any1 though!)

I love playing the flute! Been playing for 7 years now. I also play piccolo and alto sax. And I am completely passionate about it...though I think my Dad wishes I would pick a different practice time and hours...I guess he doesn't really like 2 be up till 1:30 in the morning not being able 2 sleap w/ me playing! hehhhehehehehehe People think I'm weird cause I like 2 do the opposite of wat normal people expect me 2 do...such as I have a weird obsession w/ the meow meow song, pie, llamas, unicorns, fingers, and purple aliens in tutos. I love to read... my fav series being Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Heroes of Olympus...though it wasn't nearly good as Percy Jackson, and Alex Rider. I love comedies and detest twilight w/ all tht I can...even if I do have some crossover stuff. Movies...all the spoofs with a # of others. My fav actors are Sandra Bullock, Will Ferel, Ashton Kutcher, and George Lopez. I love Glee, wipeout, George Lopez, That 70s Show and some other shows tht I can't think of right now. :D I am team Vampires Suck!!!!!! And I love and am a follower of Jesus Christ with all my heart and soal. Oh and I suck @ spelling and grammer...so I'm sorry to the people tht I review tht like 2 be notified on how their spelling/grammer is and how 2 improve...but frankly I can't point out tht stuff, the most I can offer is Update soon and Ur story is really good! Soooo ya tht about sums it up! :D

Does any1 know if Point Blank will become a movie? I know its been 4 years and it probably wont happen and the 1st 1 didnt make much:'(...but i googled and some things said it might...probably false hopes...but oh well. Some say they might start from scratch

WRITERS PPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE RRRRRREEEEEEAAAAAADD Do you think some1 can do a crossover 4 Pretty Little Liars and Alex Rider? Like umm maby Alex can be a close friend or cousin of 1 of the girls and tht girl knows hes a spy and asks 4 his assistence 4 their problem. PLEASE! Like I said be4 in my profile...I'm not a writer and I know if I attempted 2 write this plot I would probably end up discontinuing it cause of lack of ideas and no time and I know how much it bothers me when people do it sooooooo ya, plus I don't think any1 would appreciate my horrible grammer and spelling :D! So if any1 does use this plot please PM me

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