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Hmm, something about me...Well, I love anime and have quite a long list of favorites, NGE being one them. Not a fanfic writer at this time, but plan to write one in the near future (I hope). I'm also a Shinji/Rei fan, and will defend this pairing to all who wish to debate it (in a civilized way please). I'm currently ahem playing FFXI and have discoverd it doesn't leave me much time for reading anymore; however, I'll be trying to make that time from this point forward. Other fav anime series: Noir Rahxephon Chobits Ai Yori Aoishi Full Metal Panic Vandread and a whole lot more=P

FYI, for anyone looking for some good fics to read I recommend using my favorite authors list rather than my favorite stories. Why? Because I seldom mark a second fic as a favorite if the author is already one. Most of my favorite authors have more than one fic that I enjoy.

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