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Hi! I'm Zoruacune! You can call be Zorua, or Suicune! I'm a magic fairy/anti-fairy baby! Anti-Cosmo? Foop? Anti-Cosmo and Foop are my family. Foop is my brother, I call him Kuya (tagalog for older brother), and AC is my father whom I call dada! My wand is a wizard-like wand that's purple and glows yellow when granting a wish or something. Anti-Wanda? She is supposedly my mother but no, in my life, she went with Wandissimo and chasing after him. Dada on the other wing, wants Wanda, who is the mother of Poof. I have a BIG crush on Poof, but Kuya Foop doesn't trust Poof.

I'm a furry little girl!
Full name: Zoruacune Celebikizzy Reshimonccinloetta

Now name: (Anti-) Zoruacune Celebikizzy Cosma

Species: Anti-fairy, but born looking like a fairy. Her ears aren't like Anti-fairies, it's like Zorua(the pokemon)'s , and has the tail of Zorua/Eevee.

Most affection to: Anti-Cosmo(ALOT Apparently; Ever heard the words: Like Father, like daughter!) and Foop(Sibling Love)

Residence: Anti-Fairy World/anywhere with her family.

Love Interests: Poof Fairywinkle-Cosma

Looks Like- Wears a furry dress, her feet in the clothing are yellow, her wings look like Celebi's, her crown is like a fairy but has Meloetta's gem thingy. Her wand is like a wizards but like Wizards of Waverly Place. Her hair? It's 2 ponytails with two cute little hair/fur sticking out as her bangs and wears a purple bandana.

Other info: Is just like Anti-Cosmo and Foop; can do evil things but if it's about hurting Poof, she declines the mission.

No more info for today ;D

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