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Joined Dec '10


Previous user name was romanceanimelover

Sex: Female

Age: is it really important? (no...)

Place: Somewhere

Hair color: black

Eye color: Dark brown

My background is asian!

Favourite time of day: Night time where you can see the moon and stars

Hobbies: Love to read romantic, action/adventure, supernatural stories, Surfing the internet, yandere!!!!!! and the most recent Kuroko no Basket

I am really bad at writing stories. I love to go on the computer and most of the time, i like to play games and read

My favourite food is likely to be sweets/snacks, spaghetti, noodles and others and i am not good at thinking or plotting stories just to let you know.


Embarrassed in front of crowds, dancing, going up the stage in front of everybody, people zapping me on the waist,


Anime, manga, Online RPG like Twin Saga, playing 3DS, reading FF, listening to music

Type of Anime that i like/seen

- Naruto

- Yu Yu Hakusho

- Yu Gi Oh!

- Diabolik Lovers

- Hunter x Hunter

- Kuroko no Basket

- Black Butler

- Bleach

- Uta no Prince

- Noragami

- Inuyasha

and a lot more but i can't name it all!

Some people wish anime characters or powers were real

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