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Name: None of your business

Location: United States

A bit about me: I'm not much of a writer & my grammar is lacking; I blame it on years of medicine; it has atrocious documentation styles, med-speak & lacks almost any proper punctuation. The legal career after made things worse.

Favorite shows: The Passage, Castle, Farscape, The X-Files, Alias, Lost, The Pretender, BSG, & many more.

Fanfic pet peeves: Unrealistic medical or legal information. Romanticizing rape culture and misogyny. Littering femslash pairings with homophobic ”G/P” sex. Gender swapping one member of a femslash pairing and still forcing readers to wade through this homophobia in their tag. Fandom racism such as sympathizing more with the white partner in a pair, making the non-white character hyper-sexual or masculine etc.

And sorry not sorry but ”age play” is always pedophilic in nature.

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