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Hello, my name is Lena. I found this site years ago when I started to like Sasusaku. I don't like the fandom as much as I did when I was young and naive. I've moved on to bigger and better things -coughcough yaoi & Sasunaru coughcough-. I enjoy reading the fanfictions posted on this site (As you can see from my many favorites), and love how creative people can be. 1827, Grimichi, Kenpachi x Ichigo, R27, and X27, are my current obsessions. I'm a nervous writer and not very adept to organizing my thoughts, hence why I haven't written anything. I hope that soon I'll get out of that habbit and begin to start writing. Hehe...Well, enough of me ranting, heres a bit more to get to know me for all you stalkers out there.

Likes : Yaoi, Cute boys( for fangirling purposes), The moon, Night Time, Anime/Manga, The Cold, Rain, Cloudy Days, Windy Days, Winter,Coffee, Skulls, Emily the Strange, Roses, Funny People, Music, Youtube (I always have a tab up for youtube.), Vocaloids, and Strawberries :3 And of course my friends.

Dislikes: Sun, Heat, Homophobes, Many People, When I can't get ahold of the internet, Lack of sleep, Fanfics with unnecesary genderbending.. Though not all are bad, Main character oc's or pairings with an oc... To me that's retarded, because I don't want to read about some random person with one of my fav characters, and, Horrible dubs of anime. There's more but... I'm too lazy to write it. Hehehe

Hobbies: Sleeping, reading, gaming, trying not to suck at playing viola blah blah blah blah!

I am a: Sadistic Seme

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