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OTOBER 9, 2009

Okay Sooo to anyone who reads this Silver Dunes is not over I have the next chapter written but I don't have a beta to edit it. Soo as soon as I find the person that wanted to be my beta, I will post the next chapter. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and has liked my story, God Bless see you all soon.

I got a Live Journal Account if anyone would like to talk to me through that. I'm new to it but okay I am sure it must work for something as all the fanfiction Authors I like have it.


MySpace account click on the link below to access it.


Thank you all I will try to keep Silver Dunes going,. . .I have yet to figure out the Major Battle scene as I have to get it all back to the beginning.

BETA WANTED.. . . . . . . . . . Email me if interested.

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