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4/12/2020 update - last updated this bio on 3/15/2014, realized I should probably revise this...

I reside on Planet Earth. Usually. I've had this account since at least 2014, but I read fics on this website for years before I made an account (purely so I could subscribe to stories & authors).

I have not written any fanfiction. I've come up with a few ideas but I am not a writer, though occasionally editor/reviewer. I'm a decent editor/beta reader, and I look over stories/essays when asked- though I'm not registered as one on this website, since that requires published stories. Which is highly unlikely.

I usually don't review stories. Used to, but that habit died years ago (long before very mild mild TBI was part of my life story). I do try to leave reviews for those wonderful authors who continue to write & post new chapters/stories over periods of months & years.

I am occasionally sarcastic, but since sarcasm doesn't come across in print/on screen... I try to avoid speaking in my first language online. This, along with some weird speech-to-text brain glitch, is why the way I speak in real life vs online is sometimes dissimilar.

I don't really ever have favorites, online or off. One of my frequent & frequently enjoyed meals is store brand rice chex breakfast cereal with sweetened dried cranberries and rice milk. Delicious anytime of the day!

I find logic puzzles such as sudoku to be relaxing.

I'm not a musician, but I love listening to music. Music is often a lifeline for me. So grateful to live in a time & place where I can almost instantly listen to pre-recorded music practically anytime I choose!

& yes, I do like bananas. Strangely, not nearly as much as I used to love bananas though.


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