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Thanks to Nightlock Recs (Little Miss Mionie) and the Fictionators for featuring and reviewing "Ever In Your Favor."

Age - old enough to be your mother. In fact, depending on who you are, I might be your mother. I have 6 children, some of whom are old enough to poke around on FanFiction.net. For those of you who've read my profile before - yes, this number has changed. My youngest was born in May, 2012. My new theory is that I can write while he's at pre-school. Maybe that will work better than the nap time theory.

Occupation - Cook, Chauffeur, Nurse, Secretary, etc. - in other words I am a stay-at-home mom. So why am I never at home? Also a writer who writes. I've (accidentally) got two WIPs now - one Hunger Game/Gadge, one Harry Potter/Dramione. This has slowed down my production time, but I really do have them both plotted out. When I'm done with these I hope to go back to my private writing, some children's fantasy, some high school paranormal. Oh - I'm also an attorney. I reactivated my bar membership so if my writing starts showing a more evil tilt - what can you do? Former lives - English Lit. major, cellist, electric bass player.

Residence - House with a spectacular oak tree in an amazingly gorgeous western state.

Obsessions - Reading, writing, occasionally cake decorating. I am usually reading (at least) 1 fiction, 1 non-fiction, 1 inspirational & 1 magazine. I keep them in different rooms of the house. Yes, I still manage to keep my family clothed and fed, although they may have differing opinions on the quality of my work. Also - I like to get the facts right in my writing. If you are reading along and happen to think "I am a cardiologist and that could never happen" PLEASE let me know. I have been known to correspond with everyone from Army Rangers (to make sure I have my explosives right) to Catholic priests (for info re exorcisms). What fun.

Favorite books - I am a massive Harry Potter geek. In fact, I frequent websites that delve into the deeper meanings of Potter, et al - and . Geek heaven. Got into fan fiction because of the Hunger Games though. Let's just say that Mockingjay, esp. the ending, made me nuts. I had to fix some things. My first was a Galeniss and I hope you'll read it even if you aren't usually into that sort of thing. I promise that I treat Peeta with respect. However, I really do ship Gadge more now. And Dramione. Hmm - maybe a bad boy thing. I also love to read. The two series that really sucked me in recently were Outlander and Game of Thrones. Absolutely love "How Dante Can Save Your Life." I want to buy one for everyone I know. I also love Laura Hillenbrand, Bernard Cornwell, Artemis Fowl, Orson Scott Card, C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare (E Lit major remember?), Edmund Spenser, Chaucer, Jane Austen, Tolkien, hmm . . . I could go on all day. Is this why my baby is always getting into things?

T.V. - Don't watch much, although I seen and discussed most of "Gravity Falls" because my kids geek out over it. Watched the Outlander season (loved it) and some of Games of Thrones (hated it). When I say I hate Game of Thrones I really mean a complicated/weird love/hate book/TV thing. The writing in the books is magnificent, except for his nasty habit of KILLING EVERYONE! Funny thing - that shows up in the TV shows too. Used to be the best way to get yourself killed was to be in any danger of enjoying a normal, happy romantic relationship. Lately, even being miserable and alone doesn't seem to help. Sigh. On a much lighter note, we enjoy watching "Jeopardy," even though I bring my laptop and try to write while intermittently yelling out "Who is Dvorak?" "What is the Crimean Sea?" etc. Sometimes at appropriate moments.

Movies - My husband wants to be a movie critic when he grows up so I used to see a lot of movies. Now I see fewer because there just aren't many worth the time and expense of going to the theatre and hubby has a bunch of kids who like to see movies with him. One of whom has even started making movies of her own. Wow - is that cool? Besides her movie (okay, it was only 6 minutes long, but it was 6 minutes of genius) I've recently liked "Inside Out." The only DVDs I watch much are kids movies. Loved "Big Hero 6" and "Tangled." Can indulge in picking "Frozen" apart with my kids.

Music - I cannot write while listening to anything with lyrics. I have actually unintentionally put the lyrics into my writing in little bits. Odd. So I write to silence or Bach, Saint-Saens, Prokofiev, etc. I do listen to music in the car, although I always have kids with me so I keep it very "G". I like Ray Charles, the Neville Brothers, Straight No Chaser, Broadway stuff like Les Miserables and Wicked, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, some country, and strangely, Staind (I have to be careful which ones to keep it "G"). That last one is a long story.

Things I do on an average day - get up early to write, drive kids around, go to mass, go to the gym, do 5 1/2 loads of laundry, feed lots of pets, feed lots of people, help with quantitative equations, viciously edit my kids' essays, discuss finer points of plea bargaining, make zucchini bread, go to a game (basketball, volleyball - kids), read stories to my kids, write a little more, fall asleep.

Looking for - what is the scariest book you have ever read? Stick to books. I am writing a horror novel and want to dissect some scary writing.

Thanks so much to my two wonderful beta's - IrishLuck19 and Hesaluti. My daughter, who gave a fish to her Valentine, says that it is a bad idea to have two beta's, but mine live on different continents so I don't think they will fight.

One of my latest fanfic projects is a Dramione called "Unforgiveable." I've started posting it. I'm curious to see how many people from the Hunger Games world will take a look at a Harry Potter fanfic. It goes AU during the final battle when Harry reappears and Voldy realizes that his spells aren't working right. He scampters and takes all the Death Eaters with him, whether they want to or not. I'm also working on a canon compliant dark Gadge.

Hope you enjoy my writing (and feel free to review and constructive criticism is welcome - we E Lit major/ attorneys can handle it)! If you see a typo/grammar mistake let me know what it is. I will fix it.

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