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1 Recovery Takes Different Forms Alec wants to try and have open communication between the Shadowhunters and Downworlders, but gaining their trust will take far more than that. Magnus and Raphael centric
Shadowhunters, T, English, Hurt/Comfort, words: 4k+, favs: 21, follows: 9, 8/3/2017, Alec L., Magnus B., Raphael S.
3 I'm Not a Monster After the confrontation with Simon in the Jade Wolf Raphael is still reeling from what Simon said. He tells himself he isn't a monster, but the glint of his fangs in his reflection say otherwise, and in a fit of desperation he decides they must go. Hurt!Raphael, self-harm/mutilation, Protective Magnus and Lily, Set after s2e12
Shadowhunters, T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Friendship, words: 3k+, favs: 19, follows: 4, 6/15/2017, Magnus B., Raphael S.
6 Playing a Part Heather has always had conflicted feelings about her brother, Dagur, but was able to cover them up while with the dragon hunters by telling herself she was only playing a part in a larger scheme. However, sometimes playing her part felt a little easier. Includes sibling bonding, and my take on how Dagur got his facial scar. One-shot
How to Train Your Dragon, T, English, Family & Angst, words: 2k+, favs: 16, follows: 4, 7/14/2016, Dagur, Heather
28 I Will Protect You » Naruto is attacked by the villagers, who wish to make the fox pay for the attack on the village years earlier. Jiraiya comes looking for Naruto when he doesn't show up for training the next day, and finally gets a glimpse into what Naruto's life is really like. Fatherly relationship, possible Jiraiya/Tsunade. Naruto is 12 to 13
Naruto, T, English, Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 3, words: 6k+, favs: 138, follows: 126, updated: 5/29/2016 published: 1/31/2015, Naruto U., Jiraiya, Tsunade S.
1 Revenge Christian is kidnapped by the Strigoi who want to make him pay for his role in killing their leaders. Rose and Dimitri rush to save him before they kill or turn him. Set after the kidnapping in Frostbite, but before the field experience in Shadow Kiss. One-shot
Vampire Academy, T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Friendship, words: 3k+, favs: 5, follows: 2, 6/3/2014, Christian O., Lissa D., Dimitri B., Rose H.
6 Love Thy Enemy This is an addition to the scene where Thranduil, Legolas, and Tauriel interrogate the orc. Tauriel reveals her feeling for Kili after the orc tells her he is going to die and the others argue with her about why the relationship would never work, which she won't accept. Plays off Thorin's deep elf hatred/ Kiliel /One-shot
Hobbit, K, English, Romance, words: 739, favs: 11, follows: 7, 1/1/2014, Kíli, Tauriel, Elvenking Thranduil, Legolas
24 Peer Pressure » Pre-Thor. Fandral wants to join the most prominent warrior's organization on Asgard for the prestige. However, in order to do this he needs to prove his worth to the club, and that means hurting his best friend's brother, Loki. Slash Loki/Fandral; Warning: Loki abuse in all aspects
Thor, M, English, Hurt/Comfort & Friendship, chapters: 6, words: 12k+, favs: 50, follows: 34, updated: 8/17/2013 published: 5/27/2013, Fandral, Loki
1 The Party of the Century Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos, wants to rekindle her romance with Odin so she casts a spell on Aphrodite to seduce him and destroy his relationship with Frigga. However, she doesn't stop there, and it isn't long before the whole party erupts into chaos, resulting in a visit to her from Asgard's own God of Mischief, Loki. Crack-fic ; co written with an amazing friend; One-shot
Thor, M, English, Humor & Parody, words: 2k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, 5/18/2013, Loki, Odin, Frigga, Thor
1 A Different Kind of Battle Pippin was hurt during the final battle so Merry has been taking care of him. However one night he gets too drunk and almost rapes Pippin, but Sam steps in and protects Pippin. Now Sam feels protective over Pippin and decides he needs to have a talk with Merry. Merry/Pippin Warnings: Attempted and Mentions of Rape; Oneshot
Lord of the Rings, T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Friendship, words: 5k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, 5/10/2013, Peregrin T., Samwise G.
3 From Boys to Men Ragnar decides that it is time for Bjorn and Athelstan to officially become men, and he guides them through the process. However, Bjorn becomes more attached than he ever expected and wants Athelstan to become his. Bjorn/ Athelstan Warnings: Mentions of Rape (rape not by Bjorn) One-Shot
Vikings, M, English, Hurt/Comfort, words: 3k+, favs: 14, follows: 5, 4/12/2013
6 Tainted Athelstan goes into town to get some things for Ragnar one day, but while there the other members of Ragnar's crew recognize him and decide to take advantage of the lone slave. Ragnar rescues him, but Athelstan is badly shaken and hurt. Warnings: Abuse and Rape One-shot
Vikings, M, English, Hurt/Comfort, words: 5k+, favs: 21, follows: 5, 4/7/2013
62 Liars and Cheaters » Sequel to "A Gods Proposal" and Prequel/Eventually Absorbtion of "Where to Levy the Blame" Time has passed since their journey, but not all is as it seems, and with the introduction of some new characters the best kept secrets will be revealed. Odin has broken the law with Loki's punishment, and now he must pay. Loki/OC Warnings: Rape and Torture; Complete
Thor, M, English, Hurt/Comfort & Romance, chapters: 20, words: 50k+, favs: 55, follows: 32, updated: 3/1/2013 published: 1/21/2013, Loki, Odin
28 A God's Proposal » Prequel to Where to Levy the Blame. Thor hears about a quest in the local tavern one day and thinks that the prize would be a fit proposal gift for Jane. However, he needs Loki's help to obtain this gift, and Loki is locked up in Asgard's dungeon suffering Odin's secret punishments. Warnings: Rape and Torture
Thor, M, English, Adventure & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 9, words: 24k+, favs: 71, follows: 46, updated: 1/21/2013 published: 12/15/2012, Thor, Loki
10 Where to Levy the Blame » Loki has always been disliked by the Æsir gods, but when Thor makes a mistake Loki ends up taking the blame and facing the punishment for it. Loki/OC. Mainly Loki/Thor but not slash more brotherly.
Thor, T, English, Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 3, words: 14k+, favs: 40, follows: 9, updated: 12/15/2012 published: 6/1/2012, Thor, Loki
26 Clint's Revenge Clint wasn't satisfied with Loki's defeat and felt that he still had a personal score to settle. Loki violated his mind, so Clint violated the god's body. One-Shot; Warning: Rape
Avengers, M, English, Angst, words: 2k+, favs: 61, follows: 25, 9/22/2012, Hawkeye/Clint B., Loki
3 Behind Blue Eyes Loki's feeling's after his defeat by the Avengers while in their captivity before returning to Asgard. Songfic: Behind Blue Eyes by the Who; Oneshot
Avengers, T, English, Angst, words: 1k+, favs: 8, follows: 3, 7/17/2012, Loki
49 A Sacrifice for a Friend » Merlin takes up a second job to help Gaius pay off a debt, but this job involves serving the desires of other men, especially the knights of Camelot. How will Arthur react when he finds out about this? Slash, Warning: violent sex; Complete
Merlin, M, English, Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 8, words: 20k+, favs: 147, follows: 114, updated: 7/5/2012 published: 6/14/2012, Arthur, Merlin
26 Just Trust Me » Jack is captured after a disguise gone wrong, and taken to Port Royal for hanging enduring a torturous journey. Once reaching Port Royal he is given a chance for a pardon if he can complete a quest for the king. Can James help him heal? Rape/Torture
Pirates of the Caribbean, M, English, Adventure & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 7, words: 15k+, favs: 57, follows: 31, updated: 9/2/2011 published: 7/1/2011, James N., Capt. Jack Sparrow
6 Why Can't I Be Like That » Jack wants to be like Barbosa, and Barbosa wants to be like Jack. Can they make each other finally accept who they are? Rating has moved up to T. Sorry everyone, I uploaded chapter 1 twice accidentally, but now its fixed.
Pirates of the Caribbean, T, English, Angst & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 2, words: 3k+, favs: 24, follows: 5, updated: 7/26/2011 published: 7/23/2011, Capt. Jack Sparrow, Hector B.
3 Great Insult What was that great insult Seo Feng received from Jack? Well here it is. Warning- Rape, m/m
Pirates of the Caribbean, M, English, Angst, words: 1k+, favs: 16, follows: 6, 6/26/2011, Sao Feng, Capt. Jack Sparrow
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