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Hey everyone! I'm Cassandra. I'm in my early twenties (Just going broad here cause I never update this and it could be another 3 years before I come back and update this again). I write FF for the book series Vampire Academy for the most part, though I've done an individual story and a one shot for Instant Star.

Somehow even though I've been on here for like 5 years, I still really have no idea what's going on half the time and I only know half of the slang. the first time someone commented that they shipped two of the characters I was so lost!

Music is life so that's why I incorporate it so much in my stories. Sorry if it gets too much. I just love emotional stories and I feel like music is one of the best ways to let emotion out.

I love books and reading and getting on here and reading everyone else's ideas for my favorite stories.

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