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Hi, there, what's up? My name is Shevauna, and I'm not really much of a writer. I'm more of an artist, so I don't think I'll be writing any fanfictions anytime soon. :p I'm just here to read some cool, awesome fanfics for my favourite shows. ;) I really enjoy reading fanfictions because sometimes it feels like I'm actually watching another episode of one of my favourite shows. Some stories are so realistic and close to the actual show, it's as if they become a part of the show themselves. I shall continue to read many fanfictions and learn from the many fabulous authors on here. I love leaving reviews, as well as offering tips and suggestions, and giving requests. If you ever want a second opinion or some ideas, feel free to send me a PM. I will most likely become inspired by your awesome fanfics, and will feel the need to draw pictures for them. But maybe one day I will write a fanfiction of my own! Not much more to say. Have fun you guys! And keep writing!

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