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Hi People!!! I love reading, writing, drawing, hanging with friends and family, animals - especially wolves. That's enough information for now.



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Normal People vs Naruto Fans

Normal People-hears a big BOOM and thinks its thunder
Naruto Fans-knows its Deidara blowing things up again

Normal People -sees a demon and runs away
Naruto Fans-knows that its the 9 tailed fox!

Normal People-is scared of lightning
Naruto Fans-loves the chidori!!!

Normal People-are scared of being attacked
Naruto Fans-knows that* Naruto* will save them!!

Normal People-says “OMG!!!OH MY GOD!!!!!”
Naruto Fans-says “OMN!!!OH MY NARUTO!!!!!!!” xD

Normal People-thinks this is stupid and will skip this

Naruto Fans-HAVE THIS ON THEIR PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!!



A Wolf Pup Story.

When I was born in my den I came over to nurse. For some reason my mother had a worried look on her face she kept staring at my paw . So, like her I looked at it. I saw it was not like my mothers. Mine was split in half as if when I had just came out it separated . Then she came. The female leader looked at me and shook her head. I could tell it had something to do with my paw. She told my mother " I’m sorry but we cant have a weaker wolf in the pack". That was when she took me while I was nursing. She brought me miles from the safe comfort of my mother. She said to me" I’m sorry", with a tear running down her eye. I finally understood I was being left for dead.I looked up at her and whimpered “Why?” With that she left. I thought I was going to die. I was very small. It was then I saw a male wolf on a rock howling at the moon I whimpered trying to howl. He noticed me and came over to me. He nudged me to tell me to get up. He started walking so I followed him. When he stopped walking I looked at him and pointed his muzzle toward a large den. I understood finally where he took me. He wanted a son. When I went in the den the first thing I noticed a female wolf. I looked at her belly. She was pregnant. She had a swollen belly full of pups. She told me what was going to happen. She said that in a few months she would have pups. It was early spring. I had grown to an almost full grown wolf now I had a mate and I loved her very much. The female I had met when I was a pup was going to have her pups any day now so I helped comfort her. She looked up at me and whimpered in pain of the contractions " Wow how you’ve grown, Foalan". That was my name, Foalan. The male wolf that took me in saw how adventurous I was so that was what he named me. The day was here. The day new pups would be here. I went in her den. She was whimpering and whining with pain from the contractions and the pups kicking. It was time. The pups were coming. The first pup was hard for her. I was laying by her to comfort her. She pushed as hard as she could but it wasn’t helping. Finally I told her “Keep pushing. I’m going to do something”. I grabbed the pups head and pulled. Thirty seconds later the first pup was born. The other pups were easier for her. Two weeks later the pups were out playing by the den when the male leader came up to me and said “Your mate needs you”. I went to the the rock she was laying on and said “What’s wrong?” She said “You’re going to be a papa soon.” I looked at her and smiled a happy smile. She showed looks of pain. I looked at her belly swollen with pups. They were kicking awful hard. Then the day came. The pups were going to be here any minute. The pups were kicking her harder than ever. I could tell she was in alot of pain. The pups came with no struggle at all. But when they were done nursing I looked at my mate and started to howl in sadness. She died at the end of the birth. I realized I had lost my soul mate and a friend. And the pups needed milk. I took them to the female that I helped deliver her pups. She looked up and said “I’m sorry about what happened to your mate. I’ll be happy to take them in.” The day came in late fall I told the pups that were now all 8 months old “I cant go with you anymore. I’m going to a place that you will someday be with me in. I thumped my tail and licked the four pups a good-bye and with those words they had a father on earth no more. I watched them everyday from the sky above living their lives as grown up wolves with mates of their own and loving their families. I was thinking to myself they are the best I ever had. I told my mate right next to me” We may be gone on Earth but we are still in their hearts and in their dreams. You did a great job." She nuzzled me in silence and in happiness and fell asleep. IF YOUR SELF CRYING OR SNIFFLING POST THIS ON YOUR PROFILE PLEASE.



Bound by Love

Derek's parents house http:///wp-content/uploads/2010/06/huge-sustainable-hillside-home.jpg

Kit's House http:///wp-content/uploads/custom-built-georgian-style-house-in-hinsdale-illinois.jpg

Derek's clothes: http:///dereks_outfit/set?id=76896072

Chloe's outfit: http:///pin/188377196884146109/

Chapter 17:

Chloe's Outfit: http:///chapter_17_chloes_outfit/set?id=76894599

Derek's Outfit: http:///cgi/set?id=76897024

Chapter 19:

Rings: http:///chapter_19_ceremony_rings/set?id=82359431

Chloe's Dress: http:///chapter_19_chloes_ceremony_dress/set?id=82348720

Bridesmaids Dress: http:///chapter_19_bridesmaids_dresses/set?id=82355130

Derek's Suit: http:///chapter_19_dereks_ceremony_suit/set?id=82353304

Groomsman Suits: http:///chapter_19_groomsman_suits/set?id=82356172

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