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Hi! My name is sekmarc and I am an avid fanfiction reader! Years ago I wrote fanfiction obsessively, though I've never posted anything I've written. Mostly because I know how bad my writing is. That doesn't mean I don't still get ideas for stories that I'd love to write even knowing that I haven't the talent to do them justice. So I'm going to use this profile to post a few ideas I'd love to see someone write.

I have several fandoms I love to read above all others and thoroughly enjoy when they are crossed with other fandoms well. Crossovers are how I've found some of my favorite stories. What are some of those fandoms? Starting with some of earliest interests and coming up to the present:

Star Trek: TNG (my first foray into writing fanfic), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (the original lineup [shut up, I was a kid then]), Batman, Stargate SG1, Highlander, The Sentinel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Charmed, Dragonball Z, Supernatural, Gundam Wing, Dark Angel, Naruto, Inuyasha, Criminal Minds

I love to read these fandoms and especially love good crossovers. My favorite characters to cross are Xander Harris, Harry Potter and Dean Winchester. Maybe I'll name some of my favorite stories sometime. Still, let's get to the challenges.

1. Write an Inuyasha story with the following words being a major plot point: 'They say a man can be judged by his enemies and by the company he keeps. What does it say about the sons of the Inu no Taisho that their greatest enemy is each other?' These words can be modified to apply to other fandoms if you like.

2. Highlander/The Sentinel fic - This is a story I made a brief attempt at writing years ago. Maybe I'll post it one day. - Richie Ryan thought being stuck forever nineteen as an Immortal new to the Game was bad enough. Now he finds that not only is he an Immortal Sentinel, but he must find an Immortal Guide to be his eternal partner or go insane. Imagine his surprise he discovers his guide in an Immortal who is older than dirt. Can a baby Immortal and the Oldest Immortal make a partnership work?

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