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I love reading fan fiction, duh! Especially qaf and glee but i'm not sure if i could actually write anything good (you awesome writers intimidate me). I also think fanart is awesome!

CHALLENGE: I was recently wondering what would have happened in 507 if somehow Brian got Justin to stay but then he went into the bedroom and saw the packed bag. If you take it up message me and let me know :)

My fave pairings:

Gibbs x Tony (NCIS)...epic fic: http:///8178.html#cutid1

Brian x Justin (queer as folk)

Puck x Rachel (glee)

Puck x Rachel x Finn (although that's really a threesome :)

Kurt x Blaine (epic kiss!!!)

Kurt x Puck

Rachel x Finn

Clark and Lex (Smallville-the fics 4 them on this site are awesome!)

Luke and Reid (not such a big fan of Noah anymore)

I'm now into Kevin and Scotty from Brothers & Sisters so if you know a good fic with them let me know...

Fave stories: the best qaf story i have ever read is Love Will Aways Win by LuvSam, seriously it's amazing! i also love anything by Predec2...:)

Pet peeve: awesome writers who abandon stories...but i won't call any names...

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