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Well, I finally decided to clean up my account a little. Mostly, deleting a few things I didn't like. Some of them might go back up after a little editing, some won't. What I need now is an idea! I've actually got my second multi-chapter fic in the works. But, I've kind of hit a brick wall with that one for right now. I need something to dislodge a bad case of writer's block!

Anyway, my whining aside, the multi-chapter fic is a Star Vs. the Forces of Evil thing. I'm not sure when I'll start posting it. I'd rather it be finished before it goes up, and, as I said, it's not finished yet. Other than that, it's my usual string of plotless oneshots! Yay!


Doctor Who


White Collar (Wow. Late to the party, right? I started watching this one just as the last season was ending.)

Rurouni Kenshin (My brother introduced me to this one. I'd really like to do a fic for it. So far, I got nothing that hasn't already been done though.)

Sword Art Online

Star Vs. the Forces of Evil (I have my issues with this one. Her ex-boyfriend is a demon? But, otherwise, it's kinda cute.)

Guess that's all for now. See you guy's next time!


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