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Helllooo people. So, I'm Rikki. (Yes, female. I don't spell it Ricky) I'm in the 8th grade (:

I am in LOVE with Law and Order:SVU! I also like HawthoRNe and Ghost Whisperer (even now that it's been canceled). And of course other shows but those are my favorites.

I haven't written any FanFics yet because I just made an account, but I have a few ideas in mind. I totally love reading them though! If I do write I don't do Femslash (SVU stories), I rarely read them either.

I hate stories that are all over the place and have horrid grammar and spelling. It just bugs me. I have to fix the errors in my head lol.

For SVU I'm drawn to E/O and/or Fin/Melinda (: They'll probabaly be the only ones I write about. I read about everyone though.

Okay, so I'm starting to repeat myself soo goodbye (:

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