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I write, it's what I do and what I've done for decades. I have piles of poetry, self introspective diatribe, short stories, half baked ideas posted on Fictionpress.com and one fully completed novel that i have posted on here. Writing is not only a passion of mine, it is a catharsis that bleeds out a great deal of the frustration of everyday life. An escape that calls to me with the fury of a drug addiction, minus the physical detriment (accept, of course, the occasional sleep deprivation). Weather or not it takes me anywhere other than the screen of this and other computers is not as important as always having the ability and need to write for me. Without the words and ideas to inspire myself (and sometimes others) I would have little purpose.

I have resided in 3 of the 4 corners of the US and plan on eventually seeing the last if possible. I have been to Canada but not Mexico and nowhere outside of the continental US. Currently I live in the mass conglomerate of humanity known as Los Angeles California and will do what I can here to change and improve lives while coming up with more orriginal work and finishing the sequel to Transference.

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