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Hello! Salut! Hola! Ciao! And all the other languages I haven't listed! Welcome to my profile page, as small and insignificant as it is. Thanks for actually viewing my page!

My account name is derived from the DC universe superhero, Shazam. The Azkam...I made that part up. And no, it doesn't sound bad. Shame on you for being so judgmental!

Things that make me happy: Reviews, chocolate, latin music, writing stories, reading, playing piano, not attending school during Christmas for anything, Track and Field, cheese, soccer, and space.

Things that down right piss me off: Teenagers complaining about how slow technology is, (considering how relatively new it is and rapidly changing), Teenagers acting prissy, being petty, or loud and obnoxious as monkeys, school stress, teachers not explicitly stating homework due dates, people who don't explain flames, classical music constantly played, racism, racist bananas, the soap opera of Real Madrid, people taking advantage of other people, video projects, and the easy button pressed too many times.

You must have been surprised that I have an easy button, weren't you? Ha-HA! (Kudos if you understand the gist of this whole sentence and the ha-ha part!)

I LOVE superheros, and yes, I am a DC snob, although I will talk about/read about Marvel. My favorite DC heroes are Nightwing, Robin I, Red Hood, most of the JLA, and all of the Teen Titans, (except Terra). As for Marvel, I like Gambit, Wolverine, and Storm.

I guess I could do pairings that I am ok with, and some that I really can't stand:

DC: RobxStar, BBxRae, CyxBum, BumxHerald, Jerikole, Red X in triangle with RobxStar, Flinx, Hot Spotx Argent, SpeedyxChesire, BatmanxWonder Women, Black CanaryxGreen Arrow, NightwingxStarfire, John StewartxHawkgirl, and SupesxLois Lane.

DC no no's: SladexRobin. I have nothing against gays or lesbians, but I really don't like reading about that kind of stuff because a) It's uncomfortable b) It never happened in the show or was suggested!. TerraxBB. Terra is a traitor and BB shouldn't have to put up with her crap. ArellaxSlade. Just no.

Marvel: GambitxRogue, WolverinexStorm, JeanxScott (begrudgingly), KittyxColossus. In Evo, KittyxLance, KurtxAmanda, PyroxWanda.

Marvel no no's: GambitxWolverine. While I both like these characters, I like them NOT together. Kurtty in Evo. Just no.

Also, I do not read/beta yaoi and overly lemon-y stories.

My favorite shows include Teen Titans, JLA Unlimited, STAS, BTAS, X-Men Evolution, X-Men (90s), and GolTv. I watch Spanish La Liga of Goaltv and my favorite team of all time is FC Barcelona! Favorite players include: the Whole A Team! You will just have to read my stories to find out which particular ones.

For movies, I love any movie that has a distinct plot, boom, some comic relief, and running and screaming. My favorite movie of all time is Star Trek:2009, ( I saw it six times in the theatre).

I speak some French. Just putting that out there.

I am usually very busy, so story writing is virtually at a snail's pace, but I still manage to find time to write, (a least I don't have writer's block!)

I really haven't had anyone review my stories, and I would REALLY appreciate it if someone would so I know where I am going with my stories. I don't want to go down the path of "Lost ideas and the dark alley way of confusion!"

OH! And if you have any suggestions of stories that you would like me to write about that are soccer related, shoot me a message! Please.

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