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50 States, 50 Me's

This fanfiction came to me when I was ranting about how everyone thinks America can have 50 states as children, and all those OCs just bother me. (Plus I don't like OCs, so that doesn't help.) I pictured America to be more... universal. Almost like he was 50 people at once, like Multiple Personality Disorder, (or Dissociative Identity Disorder, as the lovely xXrSoOxRaAsXx explained to me.)

[Based on what viewers say, I believe this will be a JapAme fanfic, not a USxUK one. Depends though. The romance hasn't progressed enough to tell from here.]

Not to mention, that this fanfic will be taken VERY SLOWLY-- I don't have a lot of time to update it.

He Has Yet to Chose a Hero

This was originally a fanfiction for my OC one piece crew, but once I settled for my hatred of OCs, I changed it to a Hetalia fic.

I personally love the story, and it's one of my favorites.

No one seems to like it, so I might not continue it, but what the hell, y'know!

Miracle Worker

LITERALLY no one has looked at this one. (I just check the demographics)

This one is just a random idea I came up with.

In My Rebel Eyes

This is BY FAR my favorite story. It's actually more like a SAGA.

Justice is Blind

This one was something random I put a lot of passion into. It was gonna be a dounjin or something. Apparently, the few people that read it liked it, so I MIGHT continue it. I apologize to the few people that read it.

15 for a Month

This little baby breaks my heart, but I'm afraid to say I no longer watch bleach, and thus, this one is CLOSED.

[I might rewatch the episodes I'm on-- I have no idea where I am in the series anymore.]

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