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The details of my life are inconsequential, but I'm told that if I'm going to post stories here I should probably flesh out my profile a little bit. What's to say? I like shoes. A lot. That should indicate my gender. I'm probably too old to be reading or writing fan-fiction (but I do it anyway). I live in the U.S., on the Eastern coast, in a Southern state, in a Western city, in a Northern suburb.

My leisure time is limited, so when I can I mostly read A:tLA and LoK fan-fiction. Occasionally I also check out fics for Mass Effect, Dexter, Firefly, Spartacus, The Hunger Games, Final Fantasy, Rome, Boardwalk Empire, LOST, The Walking Dead, and various other geeky worlds of interest. But as I said, it's generally Avatar. Ironically, I don't care much for Aang-centric stories, and tend more toward Zuko, Katara (and ZukoKatara), Sokka, Toph, Tahno, Tarrlok, and the villains...actually, if we're being honest here, my favorite character is Ozai.

I'm not much of a writer, but I felt that since I take advantage of reading so many other people's works that it was only fair that I attempt to give back a little bit...so I recently began posting some nonsense of my own.

My first story in the A:tLA universe is called Conversations with Ozai and takes place after the series. A few months after I completed it, I was asked to write an alternate ending...so there are two of those. The epilogue from the second ending doubles as a standalone one-shot in the Legend of Korra universe, which can be found under the title On a Cold Day.

I've also got a fluffy little Zutara one-shot up called The Way to His Heart, as well as a Makora one-shot called The Provider.

Currently I've got a Legend of Korra piece in the works called Making Waves...It's an unapologetic departure from canon after the finale post Season 1. And fair warning, it is flagrantly Tahnorra...yeah, I ship it.

Last, but not least, is a shameless Urzai smut piece. A New Addiction.

If you happen to check out any of the above, I would be most appreciative if you could drop a quick review and let me know what you think.

This website confuses me. I have figured out how to send and receive private messages, though, so if you wish you are welcome to contact me.

Also, I have a tumblr! http:///

Thanks for reading!

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