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I am a grad student who writes fan fiction to take a break from my studies. Therefore, my writing slows way down during the school year.
Real Name: tacobowler :-)
Hobbies: Bowling, reading and writing
Age: over 17, so I don't have the trace
Gender: Male
Favorite stories: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians (and the Heros of Olympus), The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flammel, anything else I find
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff (confirmed on Pottermore :-) )
Olypmian Parent: Hephaestus
Elememental Magic type: Water

My Stories:


Setting the Stage: (Crossover Harry Potter and Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) Going through the year 1980, this story "sets the stage" for both series. Most information is factual with the exception of origional characters. First crossover story and darkest story by far. Still publishing this one.

The Fateful Decision of RAB: (Harry Potter) The story of the final days of Regulas Black. This story was adapted from Regulas' activity in Setting the Stage.

WJATO: The Queen's Hero & Uncharted Territory: (Percy Jackson) Uncharted Territory serves as a prologue to this full length story. Percybeth's son, Winston Alexander gets claimed by an Olympian and now must live into his own legacy. First of a Trilogy.

Albus Potter and the Necromancer: (Harry Potter) This was my first story, and a story where I conciously avoided subplots. I may revisit it. Albus Severus Potter is faced with a new enemy who can truly raise the dead. He must now fight the epic battle to save the world and take his rightful place beside his father. Only problem is his father got two more years of training...

Albus Potter and the Revelation: (Harry Potter) Sequal to Albus Potter and the Necromancer. New Auror Albus Potter is stuck in a backwatters job at Scotland Yard when he is suddenly hand picked to discover how thirteen muggle nuclear weapons were taken from the British military before whoever took them uses them.

History of the American Schools of Magic: (Harry Potter) Next Gen one shot. A brief description of the American Schools of Magic used in Albus Potter and the Necromancer.

Currently Writing:

WJATO: The Doors of the Deep & An Immortal's Death: (Percy Jackson) The second installment in the WJATO trilogy complete with its own prologue. Nico arrives with news that the Underworld has been taken over by enemies of Olympus. Then Posiedon dissapears. Now Alex and Co. must race to lock the Doors of the Deep before the world ends Noah style.

In Mind:

WJATO: The Sword of Light: (Percy Jackson) The third installment in the WJATO trilogy. More on this after the Doors of the Deep gets published. Don't want to spoil it now :-)

Charlotte Potter and the Heir of Gryffindor (Harry Potter - tenative) The third story in the Albus Potter line.

The Life and Lies of Severus Snape: an autobiography (Harry Potter) My take on Severus' point of view from birth to death. Forward by Minerva McGonagall.

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